Making Power Moves

Our CEO was recently featured in an article on the website see below to read more about it. As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” To add to that, the actual application of knowledge is power, and one young Melanoid man is showing us that he is a living testament of this […]

Fear of starting a franchise.

As you ponder on the thought of embarking on the journey of starting a franchise fear or apprehension can surge up quickly or persistently remain on your mind.  Which is absolutely understandable as this is a new opportunity filled with unfamiliar risk and reward.  You do have options with regards to how you manage the […]

Three reasons why young franchisees have so much success

Forever Young:  Three reasons why young people make great franchisees. Young people and recent college graduates can find meaningful opportunity in starting their own Strong College Students franchise. With the resiliency of youth comes a high level of tenacity that bodes well for those looking to go into business for themselves. What the young may […]