Three reasons why women make great franchisees

Why women in leadership are good for business! The three reasons why women make great franchisees:

Barriers to job advancement in the corporate world still undoubtedly exist for women, but it is becoming clear that women leaders are good for business. While recent statistics from the Pew Research Center reveal that in order to move up the ranks women often have to do “more than their male counterparts to prove themselves,” research from Gallup, Folkman Inc. and others have published findings that show women as exceptional leaders according to their subordinates. Some of the qualities that women in the workplace possess over men make women ideal franchise owners and operators. Whether you are a woman looking to take on a hands-on roll in your franchise investment, or you plan to outsource many managerial duties, placing women in leadership roles allows your business to grow. At Strong College Students Moving, our leaders come from everywhere and all over, but here’s why women make great franchisees.

1. Women Take Initiative. According to a Zenger Folkman Inc. study, women in the workplace are perceived as more competent at taking initiative than their male counterparts. Part of the joy of managing your own business is taking on difficult and exciting challenges and achieving meaningful results and according to the poll this is just one area where women excel.

2. Women Managers Are More Encouraging. Findings from a recent Gallup Poll suggest “female managers likely surpass their male counterparts in cultivating potential in others and helping to define a bright future for their employees.” Strong College Students Moving employs hundreds of young people from many different colleges. College students are attracted to a position with SCS because of the flexible schedule, great pay and the professional development that they gain as a responsible and well-trained mover or quoting agent. When women are in charge it is clear that employees have more opportunity to grow.

3. Women Follow Direction. “Most of the women I’ve worked with don’t let their egos get in the way,” Joel Libava, opinion editor for Small Business Trends, said. An eagerness to learn from others and to follow directions is just one more reason why women make great franchisees.

What franchisors essentially offer their franchisees is a recipe for success, the main ingredients for which usually come in the form of brand recognition, an operations manual, software and training. A Strong College Students franchisee is provided with the necessary training and support essential to growing a superior moving service. Every owner receives coordinated support and valuable classroom instruction. That’s because at Strong College Students Franchising, we know that when our franchisees achieve we all succeed!

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