Fear of starting a franchise.

As you ponder on the thought of embarking on the journey of starting a franchise fear or apprehension can surge up quickly or persistently remain on your mind.  Which is absolutely understandable as this is a new opportunity filled with unfamiliar risk and reward.  You do have options with regards to how you manage the decision before you; from remaining in a apprehensive mindset while avoiding any risk or potential reward of embarking on the franchise ownership journey.  You may feel comfortable diving right in and moving quickly through the franchise exploration phase into the franchise application phase only to find that even with the confidence you have in Strong College Students proven business system, you’re still apprehensive.

Before the anxiety or the apprehension  start simply STOP for a moment and remember that all new things seem daunting and can make you feel apprehensive at times.  These are positive emotions or feelings to have because it let’s you know you’re starting something important with value and meaning.  It means your brain is recognizing you need to be alert, aware, and serious if you wish to be successful at your desired goal of starting a franchise.  Embrace the apprehension and analyze what steps you need to take to to have the success you desire!  You’ll often find that by working with someone who has more experience than you, or someone who can give you guidance or advice it’ll help to mitigate potential mistakes in starting a franchise.  So as you embark or the quest to become your own boss and be a entrepreneur remember at Strong College Students I’m here to guide you just as a flight instructor with a student pilot.  A benefit of our franchise system is that we’ll help you overcome the fear of starting a franchise by being a resource to support you and keeping you flying high!


Shaun C. Robinson


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