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As the old saying goes, “Knowledge is power.” To add to that, the actual application of knowledge is power, and one young Melanoid man is showing us that he is a living testament of this principle.

Shaun C. Robinson is the Founder, CEO & President of Strong College Students, a franchise that employs hard-working college students from local colleges and universities throughout the state of Florida. “My goal was to change the negative and poor perception of movers common in this industry. I also wanted to give college students the opportunity for employment that allowed them to balance the rigors of every day college life.” Mr. Robinson states.

The work that Robinson has put in has not gone unnoticed. He’s become the youngest Black franchisor in the United States, and has received a steadily growing list of awards that you can see here.

What’s great about the franchise is that college students are given employment, and it serves a wide array of clients, especially residential and office-based clients. One extension of the franchise, Dorm Room Boxes, operates as an independent entity of the Strong College Students brand, yet it provides equally great service to clients having their moving needs addressed.

Fear of starting a franchise.

As you ponder on the thought of embarking on the journey of starting a franchise fear or apprehension can surge up quickly or persistently remain on your mind.  Which is absolutely understandable as this is a new opportunity filled with unfamiliar risk and reward.  You do have options with regards to how you manage the decision before you; from remaining in a apprehensive mindset while avoiding any risk or potential reward of embarking on the franchise ownership journey.  You may feel comfortable diving right in and moving quickly through the franchise exploration phase into the franchise application phase only to find that even with the confidence you have in Strong College Students proven business system, you’re still apprehensive.

Before the anxiety or the apprehension  start simply STOP for a moment and remember that all new things seem daunting and can make you feel apprehensive at times.  These are positive emotions or feelings to have because it let’s you know you’re starting something important with value and meaning.  It means your brain is recognizing you need to be alert, aware, and serious if you wish to be successful at your desired goal of starting a franchise.  Embrace the apprehension and analyze what steps you need to take to to have the success you desire!  You’ll often find that by working with someone who has more experience than you, or someone who can give you guidance or advice it’ll help to mitigate potential mistakes in starting a franchise.  So as you embark or the quest to become your own boss and be a entrepreneur remember at Strong College Students I’m here to guide you just as a flight instructor with a student pilot.  A benefit of our franchise system is that we’ll help you overcome the fear of starting a franchise by being a resource to support you and keeping you flying high!


Shaun C. Robinson


Three reasons why young franchisees have so much success

Forever Young:  Three reasons why young people make great franchisees.

Young people and recent college graduates can find meaningful opportunity in starting their own Strong College Students franchise. With the resiliency of youth comes a high level of tenacity that bodes well for those looking to go into business for themselves. What the young may lack in experience, they make up for in big ways, and the successful twenty-something-year-old franchise owner may now be the new norm. Why do young people make for great franchisees? We thought that you would never ask; here are just a few reasons why:


  1. Young Franchisees Are Tenacious. Tenacity is a life skill that takes practice; in fact, tenacity is the practice itself. Tenacity, meaning the courage of persistence to arrive at one’s goals is something that every college graduate possesses. To earn a degree of any merit requires determination. Sometimes franchisees will be met with unexpected challenges, but young people are generally eager to take on those challenges, which is why young people are often sought after as franchisees.


  1. Young Franchisees Are Coachable.When faced with an unexpected challenge, a Strong College Student franchisee will find support from senior staff. SCS franchisees are given on the job training and face-to-face assistance for the complete duration of their store ownership. We offer franchisees a solid business plan and plenty of help with reaching your goals. Young people, especially those recently graduated, tend to find appreciate the direction and find it useful.


  1. Young Franchisees Often Have Family Support. Young people with close family ties can find relief in the support that their family offers. A franchise can be every bit the family business as any other. Parent’s involvement is often welcomed by the young franchisee just starting out. Sometimes members of the family become associates, and other times family members can help with the initial costs.


Whether or not you think of yourself as a young person with the aforementioned qualities, all of these skills can be learned, and Strong College Students Franchising is here to help! A great way to determine if you are ready to go into business for yourself is to pick up the phone! Call us today, 1.877.365.2772, and a senior staff member will be happy to answer all of your questions.


To learn more about starting your own Strong College Students franchise, call 1.877.365.2772.

Three reasons why women make great franchisees

Why women in leadership are good for business! The three reasons why women make great franchisees:

Barriers to job advancement in the corporate world still undoubtedly exist for women, but it is becoming clear that women leaders are good for business. While recent statistics from the Pew Research Center reveal that in order to move up the ranks women often have to do “more than their male counterparts to prove themselves,” research from Gallup, Folkman Inc. and others have published findings that show women as exceptional leaders according to their subordinates. Some of the qualities that women in the workplace possess over men make women ideal franchise owners and operators. Whether you are a woman looking to take on a hands-on roll in your franchise investment, or you plan to outsource many managerial duties, placing women in leadership roles allows your business to grow. At Strong College Students Moving, our leaders come from everywhere and all over, but here’s why women make great franchisees.

1. Women Take Initiative. According to a Zenger Folkman Inc. study, women in the workplace are perceived as more competent at taking initiative than their male counterparts. Part of the joy of managing your own business is taking on difficult and exciting challenges and achieving meaningful results and according to the poll this is just one area where women excel.

2. Women Managers Are More Encouraging. Findings from a recent Gallup Poll suggest “female managers likely surpass their male counterparts in cultivating potential in others and helping to define a bright future for their employees.” Strong College Students Moving employs hundreds of young people from many different colleges. College students are attracted to a position with SCS because of the flexible schedule, great pay and the professional development that they gain as a responsible and well-trained mover or quoting agent. When women are in charge it is clear that employees have more opportunity to grow.

3. Women Follow Direction. “Most of the women I’ve worked with don’t let their egos get in the way,” Joel Libava, opinion editor for Small Business Trends, said. An eagerness to learn from others and to follow directions is just one more reason why women make great franchisees.

What franchisors essentially offer their franchisees is a recipe for success, the main ingredients for which usually come in the form of brand recognition, an operations manual, software and training. A Strong College Students franchisee is provided with the necessary training and support essential to growing a superior moving service. Every owner receives coordinated support and valuable classroom instruction. That’s because at Strong College Students Franchising, we know that when our franchisees achieve we all succeed!

To learn more about starting your own Strong College Students franchise, call 1.877.365.2772.

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A Low Cost franchise option is Strong College Students

The Black Enterprise Small Business Awards were created to provide special recognition to African American entrepreneurs who embody the Black Enterprise entrepreneurial spirit. The BE Next Award is awarded to a young entrepreneurs (21 to 35) of today doing the business of tomorrow. This award is presented to the entrepreneur doing business in a new cutting edge arena.

Strong College Students Moving Inc.
President/CEO: Shaun C. Robinson
Location: Tampa, FL
Type of Business: Home and Office Moving Company
Shaun C. Robinson launched the business while working out of his college apartment while studying at the University of South Florida. His firm employs only students from local colleges and universities to move both businesses and families locally or long-distance. Shaun’s company provides warehousing, storage, deliveries, and junk removal in addition to his core moving business and moving supplies. Robinson is working to turn the company into a national brand with the addition of low cost franchises opportunites in markets across the country. BE